Over consumption has many facets to the issue

Over consumption: The Tragedy of Single-Use Convenience



In this article, the author focuses on the main problem of Overconsumption. Here she discusses Overconsumption that deals with single-use plastic. People over consume because, there are humans, always want more. The basic purpose of addressing this subject in the society and in the humanity is to change ourselves and our mindsets. We want to select the way which should easiest and cheapest at the moment. It is wrong, we should modify the imperfect and world-wide rate of single-use plastic use, we must modify our minds and our events on what is most significant to us. People should get awareness of the single-use plastic consumption and its effects on human body. The state should make policies to force single-use plastic consumption because there are at present no policies that force single-use plastic consumption in the state of Ohio. However, laws have been passed in many famous cities in the US, proscription plastic bags at large retail food such as Austin, Cambridge, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. 

Critical Theory

Critical theory can be applied on this current event. This theory aim is to dig beneath the surface of social life and uncover the assumptions that keep us from a full and true considerate of how the world works. The people have no awareness against the disadvantages of plastic and this theory will be helpful to spread awareness against this overconsumption. When people will get knowledge then them society will be healthy.

Functionalist Theory

Functionalist theory can also apply here. The main purpose of this theory that how social order is possible or how society remains relatively stable. As such, it is a theory that focuses on the macro-level of social structure, rather than the micro-level of everyday life.

This theory will point-out that how the single-use plastic is harmful in society and how many part of the society is influencing its disadvantages. Through this theory, we will take action to fight against this overconsumption. Sociological concepts:


It is social concept that everything that make it must be shared by the members of a society.


It is a social concept that to take care the health of society people and there should be remove the elements that can effects the health of people.


It is social concept that people should provide a guideline to change their way of thought against any element which is not good for society.

Victimless crime

It is social concept that to follow the laws that have passed and if society will not follow then there should be punishment.


It is a social concept that people should get awareness between right or wrong and desirable and undesirable for society.


It is social concept that if there ia anything in the society which not good for it, it must be change.


Society should get aware of the norms and values of the society.


  • This current event relates to the social concept of culture. It is very necessary to share the knowledge of the single-use plastic consumption that it is harmful for the human body and people should not use it.
  • Health:

This current event relates to social concept “Health”. If people use single-use plastic consumption, it will harmful for their health and they can get diseases. If people of the society will healthy then society will be healthy and grow otherwise not.

  • Norm

This event relates to the social concept “Norm”. People should get awareness against the disadvantages of plastic. There should be policy to guideline the people against overconsumption.

  • Victimless Crime

This current event relates to this social concept because there law should be passed against the single-use plastic and if people will not follow the laws then they should be punished.

  • Revolution:

This concept also relates to the current event. If the use of single-use plastic consumption is not good for the people then it should not use and in this way there will be Revolution in the society.

  • Value:

This concept also relates to the current topic. People should get awareness that      what is wrong and what is right for them and if anything is wrong for them then it   must be remove from their lives.


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