How is the SLOC different from a traditional firm? Identify two key points of difference and discuss how it affects the ability of the SLOC to deliver on its goals.

Question 1 (20 points)

Based on your reading of the case: The Salt Lake Organizing Committee – 2002 Olympics, please respond to the following questions:

How is the SLOC different from a traditional firm? Identify two key points of difference and discuss how it affects the ability of the SLOC to deliver on its goals.

The SLOC(Salt Lake Organizing Committee) which was in care of the 2002 Winter Olympic Sports borrowed Coltrin & Associates through the Olympic scandal, to design and tool a communication plan that would make revenue and renew sureness and enthusiasm about the sports. Before Coltrin & Connections combined SLOC, The Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games final ceremony sponsorship levels were at an all-time low. Upon conclusion of the Games, volunteers, ticket sales, scores and backings levels had surpassed all Olympic records.

During the Games, Coltrin & Connections staffed and touched television relatives on behalf of SLOC. More than 9,000 credited journalists enclosed the Salt Lake 2002 Winter Olympic Games along with numerous extra non-accredited media. The attention before, during and afterward the Games has been remarkable with approximations consecutively between 10,000 and 20,000 articles, with both national and global press.

“There is nope query that the 2002 Season Games whole the case that Utah has the greatest venues,” she said. “We were satisfied of in what way we showcased the national.”

That achievement of the Olympics helped attract other proceedings, like World Cup skiing and the Precipitation Tour, said Jeff Robbins, leader and chief executive major of the Utah Sports Command.

“The trying to bring major sporting proceedings in, the influence of the Olympics is huge because if you can crowd an event of that size and greatness … you don’t have to persuade people as hard that you can jerk off a major occasion,” Robbins said. “You get prompt dependability when you go out into the market.”

Among the major welfares of the Games was the growth of world-class facilities for numerous winter sporting, said Colin Hilton, leader and chief executive officer of the Utah Fit Foundation.

How would you categorize the major risks facing the SLOC when the new management took over? Similar to the notion of work breakdown structure, prepare a risk breakdown structure here which identifies the key risk categories (as Level 1) and the specific risks underlying each category (as level 2).

The Salt Lake Organizing Committee’s Olympic Season Games of 2002 (SLOC) as the champion of its 2003 PMI Project of the Year Prize.  The extensive assortment process, SLOC was selected amongst a host of successful finished projects about the world, including the two additional finalists.

The Pentagon Phoenix Project (Pentagon Renovation Program), track by the Workplace of the Typist of Defense and the North Pailin Gas Growth Project run by Unocal (parent company of 76). Meanwhile 1989, PMI has documented and honored the activities of organizations and businesses around the sphere and their project teams for greater performance and fruitful execution of large-scale, multifaceted  initiatives.  The Scheme of the Year Prize Criteria involves specific supplies about a project’s budget, innovation of applied scheme management techniques and project difficulty.  Past award winners comprise the Hawiyah Gas Plant Scheme by Saudi Aramco (2002), the Mozal Smelter Project (2001), the Trojan Device Vessel and Internals Removal Task (2000); the Qatar gas Liquefied Natural Gas Plant (1999); and the Defaces Pathfinder Project (1998).

 At the PMI Global Congress 2003-North America, this day’s award was accessible to Matthew Lehman, SLOC Project Manager and Handling Director of  Operations Development & Management, David Cummins, SLOC Quality Declaration and Director of Processes Planning & Organization, and Robert Kenniston, SLOC Assistant Project Manager and Administrator of Operation Planning & Organization.

Question 2 (15 points)

The G&E Company is preparing a bid to build the new 47,000 seat Greendale Baseball stadium that consists of a retractable roof. The project begins with clearing the construction site (70 days). Once the site is clear, work can start simultaneously on the stadium structure itself and on preparing an adjacent area for storing materials and equipment (30 days). Following the preparation of adjacent area, the task of setting up the construction site (70 days) can begin.

Task ID WBS ID Task Name Duration Predecessors
1 1.1 Greendale Baseball stadium seat 70day 30 day
2 1.1.1 Adjacent area for storing materials and equipment 30 day 70 day
3 1.1.2 Structure will start by driving 120 day 120 day
4 1.1.3 construction site has been set up 120 day 90 day
5 1.1.4 Construction of the upper steel 120 day 90 day
6 1.1.5 Installing the luxury boxes 140 day 30 day
7 1.1.6 stadium infrastructure 120 day 75 day
8 1.2 Building the supports for roof 90 day 90 day
9 1.2.1 Design and the construction of the roof 180 day 90 day
10 1.2.2 Roof tracks can be installed 90 day 90 day
11 1.2.3 Roof are completed 90 day 180 day

The work on the stadium structure will start by driving support pilings (120 days). Next comes the pouring of the lower concrete bowl (120 days). Once this is done and the construction site has been set up, the pouring of the main concourse (120 days), the installation of the playing field (90 days), and the construction of the upper steel bowl (120 days) can occur concurrently.

After the main concourse and the upper steel bowl have been built, work can start simultaneously on installing the luxury boxes (90 days), general seats (140 days), jumbotron (30 days), and other stadium infrastructure (120 days). Following the installation of general seats, the steel canopy can be constructed (75 days), and subsequently, the lights can be installed (30 days).

Building the supports for roof track (90 days) can begin after the lower concrete bowl is constructed. At the same time, the design and the construction of the roof at a separate site can begin (180 days). After the supports for roof track are completed, the roof tracks can be installed (90 days). Once the roof tracks and the roof are completed, the roof can be installed (90 days) and the stadium is ready for inspection.

Using the table and the information provided above, prepare a task list that includes:  wbs ids, appropriate summary tasks, task names, durations, and predecessor relationships.

Question 3 (15 points)

Based on the information provided below, determine the values for each cell marked in gray.
WBS ID Task Name Effort  (in days) Resources Duration Budgeted Cost
1.1 Design Transaction Pages      
1.1.1 Design Customer Profile Pages 15 Megan,  Jim[50% FTE] 120/hr $19800
1.1.2 Design Product Catalog Pages & Components 16.5 Mike[50% FTE], Jim [50% FTE] 132/hr $24420
1.1.3 Design Shopping Cart Page 6 Mike[50% FTE] 48/hr $5280
1.1.4 Design Taking Payments Page 6 Megan 48/hr $4320
1.1.5 Design Submit Order Page 16 Ahmed, Jim 128/hr $19840
1.1.6 Design Order Status Page 4 Ahmed 32/hr  $2560
All employees work full time (i.e., 8hrs a day)
Employee Billing Rate
Jim $75.00/hr
Megan $90.00/hr
Ahmed $80.00/hr
Mike $110.00/hr

Submission Format

For Question 1, responses to each part should be about 0.5 pages long (single-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font).  Total length for Question 1 not to exceed 1.5 pages.

For Question 2, use the table provided in the question to include the WBS and predecessor information. For reference, take a look at the A&D High Tech (A) spreadsheet posted on Blackboard in the Powerpoint Slides folder. The question does not require the use of MS Project.

For Question 3, use the table provided in the question to show your values for the cells marked in gray


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