scoring model analysis

WSM Analysis

Complete a weighted scoring model analysis for the final list of class projects (attached) using the revised project selection criteria list and corresponding weights (attached). You must rate each project with respect to how well it aligns with each project selection criteria as demonstrated in class.

You are to use a project rating scale based upon a 5-point scale of 20, 40, 60, 80, 100.

There are many templates available online for completing a WSM analysis appropriately or you may use an Excel spreadsheet. Be sure to use the WSM format (found on page 51) as demonstrated in class.


Logic – Write a detailed summary to clearly explain your rationale for project ratings. For each project selection criteria, briefly explain why the higher (80 and 100) and lower (20 and 40) scoring projects for that criteria were ranked accordingly. (Note: You do not have to explain the ratings for projects receiving scores of 60 which is assumed to be an average rating for each criteria.)

Conclusions – Provide a summary and explanation regarding your final conclusions on the WSM results and project selection decisions. Be sure to include your final prioritized list of projects based upon the WSM analysis.

Submission Requirements:

Upload the resulting WSM Analysis and Summary files to this assignment dropbox. (File naming convention: WSMSummary_FirstLast with appropriate extension(s))

Submit hard copies of your Weighted Scoring Model Analysis and Summary at the start of class. Be sure hard copies are printed in a professional format.

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