IT Operations Management frameworks



It is to be no longer than 10 pages and no shorter than 8 pages.

The Portfolio is to be divided into four approximately equal sections that report what you have learned under each of the four published learning outcomes. Each section is to start with a large bold header to show this is a new section.

By the end of the paper the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate thorough understanding of all the key IT Operations Management frameworks such as (but not limited to) ITIL and CobiT and processes.
  2. Analyse processes required for aligning IT infrastructure and operations with the business goals of an organisation.
  3. Critically evaluate operational IT organisations and their processes against the studied models.
  4. Analyse problems and current issues arising from the implementation of the framework, communicate this analysis and make recommendations solving any problems.”

There is no need for an Executive summary or a Table of Contents but you may add References or Appendix in no more than 3 extra pages (ie. Above the 10 page maximum). Also note the cover page is not counted in the 8-10 page requirement.

To achieve the best result you need to look at each Learning Outcome, think what you have learned and then summarise the points from the Lecture Notes, the PowerPoints, the Caselets, the Readings and any other materials used in the paper. Present the text under each section as the key points you have learned and will remember from the paper. There is no need to copy large chunks of models just to fill space. We are looking for key points, support references and a demonstration of your understanding. An individual portfolio is a personal reflection on the paper and it is expected every student will have a different perspective and different key points to communicate.

. By this stage of the paper we expect you can use all of the materials presented and Tutorial exercises to write an interesting and informative Portfolio that can be used for future reference.

Note Again: This is a report on your learning under each of the 4 Learning outcomes. Use the first person; for example: “I have learned…” “I did not know…” “The best point was…” and so on.






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