Discuss with example the role of information system in modern competitive business environment.

1. (6 points). Discuss with example the role of information system in modern competitive business environment. 

The INFORMATION SYSTEM plays a main role in the group by filling the varied needs through a change of systems for example  Analysis systems,  Query systems, Modeling systems and Conclusion support systems.

A large proportion of work in an information society includes manipulating intellectual information and knowledge, somewhat than straight processing, manufacturing, or delivering concrete resources. Such work is named knowledge work. Three general groups of information systems funding such knowledge work: professional support systems, office information systems, and knowledge management systems.

2. (6 points). Briefly describe how internet technology has impact on business process and information management?
Business process operations have entered a new phase of accelerated transformation, thanks to now-mature, powerful technologies. Cloud-based and mobile applications, advanced analytics and powerful collaboration tools multiply the effect of well understood operating model levers such as shared services, outsourcing, global delivery and process reengineering. However, the applicability and impact of these technologies is not uniformly high, according to almost 1,000 business executives polled by an independent research firm in a survey commissioned by Enact.

It is only fitting, then, that technology has a very deep impact in the field of organization and management as well. If one looks at the overall effect of technology of any kind on management and organizations, it is understood that it assumes a direct correlation to ease and efficiency, as it does in every other field. Essentially, progress in technology ensures higher efficiency when it comes to every step of a process, from research to planning to execution.

3. (6 points). Explain the factors that have helped in emergence of global economy?
There are four factors should care global growth prospects in 2016.These are

Political populism:

Weak economic activity and low productivity growth mean that real wages and consumption are possible to last to be unacceptable.

The referendum on Brexit:

A second issue is periods to come is the vote on the UK’s membership of the EU. Referendums always come with doubt. Unexpected proceedings can impulsion the results in any way.

4. (6 points). Write a short note on:

  1. ESS 

A secure web-based system provided by some employers that enables employees to manage their personnel and payroll information. The system provides access to information related to earnings, taxes, benefits and vacation leave balances and it allows employees to update information for their tax withholding, direct deposits, and retirement fund allocations.

  1. DSS 

DSS stands for Department of Social Security, an old phrase which simply means anyone on government benefits. In the adverts you mention, the landlord is only looking for tenants in employment and is not willing to accept those who are not.

  1. MIS
    Management information systems, an academic discipline within colleges or schools of business in universities.
  2. OAS
    The OAS and the International Organization of Telethons (ORITEL) presented the Program for the Promotion of Inclusive Education in the Americas, they will jointly carry out educational activities that contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities in a regular educational system respectful of diversity in the region, beginning with the holding of seminars in nine countries.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) is a Kenyan state corporation that was established in 1990 to conserve and manage Kenya’s wildlife.

  1. TPS
    TPS stands for transaction processing systems and it computer based information system that keeps track of the transactions needed to conduct business.
  2. (6 points). Explain how information system achieves the objective to support the activities of managers in organization.It can care manager’s actions by saving less time and also less work complete within in an organization.

Objective to support the activities:

  1. Principles and elements of MIS
    2.The relationship between organizational structure and MIS
    3.Information requirements for MIS
    4.Different types of MIS
    5.The process of developing a MI

5. (6 points). What is knowledge based expert systems. How are they useful in modern enterprises? Provide examples.

A knowledge-based system (KBS) is a computer system which makes and uses knowledge from different bases, data and info. These systems help in resolving problems, particularly multifaceted ones, by utilizing false intelligence ideas. These systems are typically used in problem-solving events and to support humanoid learning, choice making and travels.

As I drive about speaking about my Modern Initiative theme, persons request me around the role of organization in the Modern Enterprise stage. Industry misunderstanding about the role of PaaS Vs IaaS (even though PaaS is a distinct layer on top of IaaS) is one of the main reasons for this. Today I’m addition my opinions on the part of substructure in the Modern Initiative.

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